Anger Management

The feeling of anger is a natural human emotion. When the anger is healthy , it has the ability to allow us to stand up for ourselves when the going gets touch . Problems arise when the anger manifests to the point where it cant be controlled and leads to aggression and violence.

An inappropriate level of anger and the behaviours that follow can lead to hurting loved ones and work colleagues and can have a detrimental effects on health and our ability to connect with people around us.

Anger Symptoms

  • Violence and Aggression towards others
  • Relationship problems and break ups
  • Emotional and Verbal Outbursts
  • Impulsive and Dangerous Acts
  • Using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism to name a view
  • Critical and Overly controlling behaviour
  • Headaches , Stress , Anxiety ,
  • Self Pity , Guilt and lowered Self esteem

At Mind Transformations we provide a variety of techniques to clear out the negative emotion that has been triggering feelings of anger. After lowering the anger and stress levels in general, we work on showing you a number of scientifically proven techniques to be able to manage anger before it reaches high levels.

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