Corporate Hypnotist

Keynote Speaker, Keynote Speech 1 : Visionary Thinking and Keynote Speech 2 : The Science of Hypnosis, and many more…

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Performance and Sports Enhancement

Whether they excel in sports, stage or in business performance, all the best

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Anxiety / Stress Management

Stress / Anxiety Stress and anxiety are at epidemic proportions in modern society and with the ever increasing…

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Weight Loss – Virtual Gastric Band

Based on a clinical trial where 95% of Participants lost weight. The Virtual Gastric Band is a personalised program in which you change the way…

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Overcoming Fears And Phobias

Hypnosis has been shown to be an effective treatment for many individuals with phobias. A significant percentage of the population suffers from a phobia of one type or another.

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Increased Happiness and Well-Being

In today’s competitive and rushed lifestyle, many people have forgotten what it is to feel pure happiness in their lives…

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Better Sleep

Lack of healthy sleep cannot only increase stress in a person’s life, it can also lead to many health related difficulties including diabetes and heart disease to name two.

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All of the services that we offer at Mind Transformations can be provided just as easily and effectively via Zoom as in person. In fact many of our clients prefer zoomnosis (consultation / hypnosis session via zoom) as it saves them time by not having to travel to our offices.

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Anger Management

The feeling of anger is a natural human emotion. When the anger is healthy, it has the ability to allow us to stand up for ourselves when the going gets touch.

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Stop Smoking

Who knows someone who is ready to take back control of their life and stop smoking forever?

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Study Improvements

The Learning Place is a three day, one-on-one, hypnosis training designed to make learning easy and automatic.

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Increase Confidence

Whether it’s for work, relationships or everyday interactions, a strong sense of confidence allows a person to live a far more fulfilling and complete life.

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